RC Foamies

RC Foamies
If you are just getting into the RC airplane/sailplane hobby, or wanting to expand your 3D abilities, an RC Foamy is a great place to start. They are fairly inexpensive and can be repaired easier than other balsa style planes. I personally didn’t learn with a foamy and of course I wrecked my first plane. I was a novice and learned the hard way. This sport isn’t as easy as it looks! I would have done much better if I would have started out on RC foamies and gradually worked my way up. RC Foamies are great for several reasons:

  • Durable
  • Great for training
  • Extremely light weight
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Forgiving of mistakes
  • Easy to repair

Not all foamies are designed for beginners, some are more of an intermediate level and used for 3D practice. I have listed a few of each here. I hope you find what you are looking for!

RC Foamies


Great Planes Extra 330SC EP 3D Foam ARF

The Extra 330SC performs 3D the same way it assembles with virtually effortless ease and impressive results! Simplicity and factory-installed extras push assembly time to the minimum, while an all-up weight of just over 6 ounces pushes performance to the limit!

 SX3 Pre-Built EPP Aerobatic 3D RC Airplane Incl 3 Installed Servos

Flying indoors has never been easier. This SX3 ships completely assembled.(plain white, No decals) The wing is mounted, servos are installed, control surfaces are hinged, and the linkages are complete. First, install the receiver, ESC, motor, prop, and battery, then go flying! Includes 3 pre-installed 6 gram servos. Our Pre-Built SX3’s are made of the highest quality EPP foam, it is considerably lighter and more resistant to tearing than other EPP foams. You will feel the difference. The SX3 design is highly refined, it utilizes fiber tape where testing has shown it is needed; flat carbon fiber in the ailerons, horizontal stabilizer, elevator, and rudder; and a clear tape-sheeted fuselage crossmember. Internal access is a breeze, the bottom of the fuselage is held together with high-quality velcro from the rear of the wing through to the front of the fuselage. This allows unrestricted access to the motor, receiver, and ESC. The top of the fuselage has a 5″ length of velcro to allow access to the aileron servo and. For long life, the fuselage is held to gether with extra tape where the velcro ends. The SX3 is designed to fly beautifully, it is stable in forward flight, and doesn’t all-too-readily fall into steep alpha flight like most flat foam airplanes. Extreme fuselage side and rudder area make the SX3 very comfortable in knife edge flight. Specifications:

  • Wingspan: 32.5″ (82.5cm)
  • Length: 35″ (89cm)
  • Wing area: 250 in^2 (16.5 dm^2)
  • Weight: 8oz (226g)
  • High quality EPP Foam Construction. Nearlly Indestructable.
  • Requires: Brushless motor under 2oz., 7-25A Brushless motor controller, prop, 2 or 3 cell lithium battery, 4 channel Receiver under 15g

 Great Planes Pluma 3D EP ARF Indoor/Outdoor Airplane

With the Pluma, the only thing between you and a full day of aerobatics is a few minutes of easy assembly on the bench. And once you re in the air, you ll discover all of the advantages of exclusive Pro-Formance foam construction. Ultra-light and wafer-thin, its power-to-weight ratio puts the entire aerobatic envelope at your command, from stately loops and rolls to hair-raising waterfalls and knife-edge loops.


  • An electric motor.
  • An electronic speed controller for the motor.
  • A battery
  • A propeller. Different types are suggested because different props change the way it flies.
  • A radio transmitter and receiver.
  • Foam safe CA glue.

 Yak 54 3D 3mm Foam Indoor EP ARF

This is the electric powered, radio controlled, almost ready to fly. This foamy is recommended for Intermediate Modeler/Pilots.


  • ElectriFly by Great Planes Yak 54 3D Airplane
  • instruction manual
  • decal sheet
  • landing gear and hardware


  • Radio: 4 channel
  • Servos: Three micro high torque (1-rudder, 1-elevator, 1-aileron)
  • Battery Charger: LiPo compatible
  • Motor: Rimfire Outrunner Brushless
  • ESC: 8A Silver Series For Brushless Motors
  • Battery: Power Series 7.4V 300mAh Balanced 2S 20C LiPo Pack
  • Propeller
  • building and field equipment


  • Wingspan: 32″ (820mm)
  • Wing Area: 270 sq in (17.4 sq dm)
  • Weight: 5.5 – 6.7oz (155 – 190g)
  • Wing Loading: 2.9 -3.5oz/sq ft (9 – 11g/sq dm)
  • Length: 36.5″ (920mm)
  • Center of Gravity: 3/4″ (19mm)